Never miss a knock

Simple responses for everyday interactions

Give instruction to visitors just by tapping a button. Preset instant responses for when minimal interaction is needed. “Leave it round the back” “please leave my property”

2K Resolution

Whether it’s Mrs Harris from next door or a suspicious looking character, detail is key when it comes to live-view and streaming.

Open the door to eufy Security Video Doorbell

Never miss a knock with the eufy smart Doorbell. Instantly receive alerts of activity outside your front door. Pre-record responses or talk in real time to any visitor. Improve the safety of your home and be in complete control. Get alerts for anyone who approaches even if they don’t press the doorbell.

Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)

Eufy Security Video Doorbell lets you check what’s happening at your door via high definition videos in 4:3 aspect ratio no matter where you are. Once motion is detected around the area you set up, you will receive a facial snapshot and can watch 3 seconds of footage prior to the initial alert. You can talk to the visitor via two-way audio or respond with pre-recorded messages.

Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered)

Eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with 2K HD, No Monthly Fee, On-Device AI for Human Detection, 2-Way Audio, Simple Self-Installation. 2.5x the Clarity, the built-in Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens allow you to view activity in picture-perfect resolution. See visitors in sharp detail as they approach your door.

Secure Local Storage

Footage recorded of time spent with your family is not something you can risk losing. Local storage ensures you are safe from hackers and data leaks.

See the past

View 3 seconds of footage prior to the initial alert. When motion is detected the camera will start recording footage. This pre-buffer gives you a clearer picture of what happened and increases the likelihood of criminal identification.

Notified When Needed

When you receive a notification, know that it is one that really requires attention.

IP65 Weatherproof Rating

Keep an eye on your home regardless of the weather. Whether you’re facing a Chicago blizzard or a Florida thunderstorm, know your doorbell will work without issue.

Video Doorbell 1080p (Wired)

1080p-grade resolution, combined with our advanced HDR and Distortion Correction, ensures video is recorded in crisp clarity.Speak directly to anyone who approaches your front door via two-way audio. Tell your friends to come round the back or that you have just run out to get some milk. Supports 8 common and holiday themed ringtones and adjustable volume level.

Video Doorbell 1080p (Battery-Powered)

Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Kit, 1080p-Grade Resolution, the doorbell and Wi-Fi chime form a closed, low-power wireless connection allowing for 120 days of flawless front door coverage from a single charge*. Slim, Sleek, and Easy to Set Up: Installation can be completed in minutes and without the hassle of complicated wiring. The slim design ensures it can fit seamlessly onto any doorframe.

The Wireless Age of 2K

Enjoy picture perfect footage of every visitor
without the hassle of dealing with complicated
wiring and setup.